Supplying raw materials since 1984

Maahantuomme raaka-aineita ja tarvikkeita valimo-, teräs-, ja konepajateollisuuden tarpeisiin. Kattava toimittajaverkostomme ja asiantunteva logistiikkasuunnittelumme takaavat hyvän toimitusvarmuuden ja laajan tuotevalikoiman asiakkaillemme Suomessa, Ruotsissa ja muualla Euroopassa.

Furan and alkaline phenolic resins, Cold Box resins


Foam filters for steel, iron, and aluminum casting.

Manufacturer: LANIK

Casting frames for manual and automated molding lines

Manufacturer: e-form

Ceramic casting system components

Manufacturer: FAUCHON-BAUDOT

For molding and core production. Deliveries in large bags or as bulk goods.
Chromite can also be used for other applications.

Made in South Africa

High-quality water- and alcohol-soluble mold and core coatings for spraying, dipping and brushing of steel and iron.

An extensive selection of core supports with various dimensions and designs.
Tin, aluminum and stainless versions are available.

Durable, easy-to-apply core glue.

Manufacturer:VEMEK, SPEFORM

Exothermic and insulating feeders, small feeders, and powders for all foundry applications.
No harmful, carcinogenic fibers.


Flexible gas removal tubes, ideal for use with cold-curing binders

Release agents for green sand, cold- and heat-setting sand and for precision casting.

Manufacturer: ACMOS, EUROTEK

Ready-to-use asbestos-free seal strips for molds Manufacturer: SPEFORM

Michael Forsblom

Product Manager
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Foundry raw materials and equipment